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12th August 2005

lovex0me4:01pm: Hello :)
Hello everyone -waves- My name is Daniela and I am looking to lose about 10 lbs.

If anyone here is looking to lose weight/be healthier/work out comment on my journal and add me? I need a lot of support or I just stop and that sucks.

9th January 2005

sweetestkiss4:54pm: Counting Calories
I wanted to know how many calories I am cutting out by not drinking alcohol. I found a counter and here are my monthly totals.

4 beers per week = 2,384 cal.
2 glasses red wine = 640 cal.
2 glasses sweet white wine = 840 cal.
2 whiskey sour = 976 cal

Monthly total = 4,840 cal.
Yearly total = 58,080 cal.

So thats about 161.3 calories per day.

In order to lose 5 lbs. per month, you have to burn 500 more calories than you consume each day... so that leaves 339.7 calories I need to burn. Maybe I don't have to change my diet to lose the 5 lbs. I am going to do some checking on how many calories I've been burning with my workout routine.

Find your results here:

*edited to add*

Calorie Calculation
Resting (basal) metabolic rate: 1440 calories per day
Typical daily activities: 706 calories per day
Calories burned from Other: 220 per day
Calories burned from Other: 220 per day
Calories burned from Other: 220 per day

Total calories burned: 2808 per day
Note: 3500 calories = 1 pound weight loss

thats 84240 cal burned per month
So, if I did the math right, I'm looking at losing about 24 lbs in a month. I must've not done that right... Oh wait, I see... I need to add up how much I am consuming too. Tough luck! *smirk*

You can find how many calories you burn ech day here:

8th January 2005

sweetestkiss5:45pm: I am back with new goals
Hehee! I broke a sweat today wearing lycra shorts and a sports bra! I haven't put on lycra since my weight training days!

fitness goalsCollapse )
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6th December 2004

shadow_raven341:43pm: Intro
I just joined. Hey. ^.^
I'm 18. I like goals... I want to do something with my life but I often need help and lack incentive and inspiration.

I'd like to lose weight.
I'd like to finish Meditations.

I'd like to get a job.
I'd like to graduate from school.
I'd like to take summer courses and eventually receive an Associates from LCC in Sequential Art.
I'd like to be in the JCMU program and study in Japan.

I'm going to get job applications today.

he. I hope this community helps.
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10th October 2004

modark9:05am: You'll Never Walk Alone
When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never, ever walk alone.

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never, ever walk alone.
Current Mood: working

19th September 2004

flames_may_rise6:41pm: hey...
wow i have not been here in a long long long long time. sorry. so heres the scoop on my knees... ive been taking some joint vitamins and stuff and they are doing abit better. i cant stand for longer amounts of time before i feel some pain and the pain has toned down a whole lot. it looks like if i keep not running cc and not playing basketball i should be okay for the 05 track season. ill probably have to give up triple jumping but i can probably still stick with long jumping and possibly hurdling. i did pretty decent with my spanish in ecuador. i was rather proud of myself. thats pretty much it.

Current Mood: cheerful

18th September 2004

randomwolfe4:06am: Been awhile....
Okay, so I haven't checked in in a few weeks.... Well, I know I'm not alone in this....

Truth be told, I have been AWFUL about my goals.... Barely any artsy-type stuff done, and I saunter into work whenever I damn well please. I personally think that these failings are more a result of my not keeping myself updated on here than vice versa..... It seems every week I post here, and swear up and down that I will be good this week, I am. But recently I haven't, so I'm not.

Okay, that made little sense.... Gimme a break, it's 4am here....

Anyways.... I'm just here to say that I WILL be good this upcoming week. I will draw (or otherwise do something artsy) for at least an hour every day for this coming week. It will happen. I will make it happen. I have control over my own impulses. Dammit.
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17th September 2004

_dancing_queen8:14pm: I have a few goals.

My major one for this school year is to be more focused in school and get better grades.

I have a question for everyone first. Is taking AP Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology in the same year too much work? Not for this school year, but my junior year?
Current Mood: busy

14th September 2004

deadmanintrunk7:13pm: 1..2..3

Hi, my name is Casey; below are my goals.

1. Train in Kung-fu AT LEAST an hour every day

2. Jog 5/6 days a week for at least half an hour

3. Incorporate weight lifting into my exercise regime.

4. Be nicer to my mother.

5. Join the volleyball team or the tennis team

6. Read more
Those are short-term.

Here are my long-term

Read more...Collapse )
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28th August 2004

anglssunshne3:07pm: Don't Quit!

When things go wrong, As they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, But you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must,
But Don't You Quit!

Life is strange with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up through the pace seems slow
You may succeed with another blow

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup
And he learned too late when the night came down
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit
It's when things seem the worst
That You Mustn't Quit!

23rd August 2004

sweetestkiss11:31am: Goal Report- Not much progress
I cleaned my living room, so now there is plenty of room for yoga. I just haven't been doing it. I started to watch the DVD, but in the middle of watching it, my DVD fritzed out on me and the screen went blue. I have been having this problem when I watch movies too. I think the player overheats... Anyway, I am going to try to be motivated and try the tape at least once this week. Even if I only get part way through it before DVD player quits.
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16th August 2004

randomwolfe11:59am: Weekly Update
Well, I just don't know what to say about this past week.... It started out very well. It ended up very badly. Worked the first half, slacked the last. But it was not without its progress. I'm not doing well in sticking with my hour-a-day commitment, but I'm fairly certain that I'm more enamored with drawing than I've been in a long time..... Roight. New week, new slate.

I will draw an hour a day. I will kick my own significant butt until I do it. If I'm not inspired to draw something, then by golly, I can practice the mechanical end of things, and work on life studies, or anatomy, or perspective, or something else that I more should do than necessarily want to.

As for my little secondary goal, I was only late twice last week. And one of those times being late was because of (interestingly enough) my primary goal.... Yep, I officially got so into artsy stuff that I lost track of time and was late for work. I don't know whether I should be proud of myself or ashamed. Perhaps a little of both. A little ambivalence never hurt anyone. :)

How're the rest of you folks doing?
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10th August 2004

flames_may_rise11:00pm: well this is a quick update. i dont have much time. my knees hurt and are worse than ever. locking and giving out at least twice a day. today was six times so far. gah.

my spanish however... i can hold like a five minute conversation if the person uses words i know.
brokenindigo2:16pm: Checking in!
I have realized that my one goal (losing weight for my wedding) is really three goals in one (cutting out my coffee intake, cutting out my junk food intake, working out regularly). It is a bit easier to digest this way, and I feel like I'm doing much better with the three individual goals than I was with the broad brushstroke of "losing weight."

As such... my three points of update!

#1- I've almost completely cut out coffee from my diet. Honestly, at this point I feel that I have. I don't wake up and crave that first cup of coffee. My weakest moment was always going to work... as I'd round the corner to the street I work on, I'd pass "my" Dunkin Donuts and think "Ohhh... coffee!" Those thoughts are gone now. An unexpected bonus- I'm showing up for work early now! HA!

#2 - The junk food is GONE. No donuts, no candy bars, no ice cream... nothing. If I get in that snacking frame of mind, I have water or sometimes I have an orange. Clementine oranges are like little citrus candies from Mother Nature! The unexpected bonus- My supervisor now feels guilty when he sits there and eats his candy bars because he's seen me turning away from them.

#3 - Working out is still the hardest part. I've done what I can to ride my bike, but at best it's only been two or three times a week. I have gotten a lot of walking done lately, just by proxy really. Going to the mall, going to the boardwalk... that sort of thing. Six hours of walking is still six hours of walking, as far as I'm concerned!

My pants have been feeling slightly looser, which is a great feeling. The real noticeable difference is that I can tighten my belt an extra notch. Yee haw!

Tonight I'm going to have Michele take a picture of me. I'm going to use it as my "before" picture. A few days before the wedding (which is on October 1st... only a month and a half left!) I'm going to have her take the "after" picture.

I would like to say that I love this community and the people in it. This whole idea is really wonderful and I can say for sure that it has helped me with my goals. I look at my stationary bike and think "I don't want to check in and say that I haven't worked out." It's been that little extra fire under my butt.

Thank you all so much!
Current Mood: energetic
katethoughts10:54am: I've been a bad girl. I have not practiced my violin at all. Well, I practiced the day after my lesson, but since Thursday have not so much as picked up the thing. Well, all that is going to change. Today. I plan to practice today for 2 hours. And tomorrow, the same. I must put all this free time to some good use.

On the friends goal, what is everyone's opinion on blind dates? I have had TERRIBLE experience with them in the past but new friends seem to be eager to set me up with guys. Thoughts?
Current Mood: apathetic
ratchick9:16am: It's official. I suck. I got tired of keeping my health journal, so I stopped. It was stressful to have to account for every single food, med and activity/symptom. However, as soon as I stopped keeping the journal, my diet (not to be confused with weight loss plan) and activity has gone WAY down hill. The dog has even stopped whining at me for walks because she knows better. I did take her out once this past week, though. All I had to say was, "want to go out?" She went berzerk, running around the house like a mad dog on speed. This week being as hot as it is, and the fact that I'll be in Georgia (where it's even more humid and uncomfortable) for half of it...I'm thinking next week won't be any better for my goal. So...don't expect great things from me for a little while, at least. ;)
randomwolfe9:26am: Oop! Weekly Update, Day Late.
Well.... I certainly seem to be developing a cycle.... Good one week, bad one week, good week, bad week.... So this past week, I was bad..... Not as bad as a couple weeks ago..... I think Tuesday and Wednesday I did good (Tuesday, above and beyond a bit), but the rest of the week.....

So, I rationalize to myself, it was kind of a vacation..... Time off from work, visiting people, checking out a concert.... Also, my brother came into town, and he's staying with us till Wednesday morning, so gotta have time for him..... Not much time for drawing. How much of this is viable, and how much is me making up stupid excuses to make myself feel better about falling short again?

Any case, I have a secondary goal in mind I'd like to work on..... I should be on time for work..... It's really bad, because it seems almost every day, I am 15 minutes late for work.... The thing is, no one cares, because I'm second shift, so everything is quite under control before I get there.... It's actually a bit of a joke.... When I arrive on time, people laugh and say how I'm early.... Thing is, tho, I don't want this job the rest of my life, and I don't want to go on thinking that I can be late for any job.... I want to break myself of this habit.... It's just not kosher....

But yeah. That's me for the week.

9th August 2004

sweetestkiss10:26am: Quick Yoga Update
Things aren't going quite as planned on the Yoga front. I was planning on taking an affordable yoga class so I could learn the ropes with an experienced teacher. I cannot do that now. I lost my job. It is a bit disappointing, but I am still eager to start, so I plan on working with my DVD at home.

I should be able to start this week. I have been cleaning up my apartment, and it is looking much better. I have more space, so there really isn't an excuse for why I couldn't start this week. I feel good about all the work I have done to get my place a bit more organized. I have been making myself purge useless things that take up space in my small studio- like a sombrero I never wore, and would never wear... :o
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4th August 2004

flames_may_rise9:19am: hello everyone... sorry i didnt update... i moved and didnt have the net for five days. kinda sad. anyway... on to the update... my knees have not been doing well at all. they have been hurting more and for longer after doing even the simplest task such as walking up the stairs. so i called my schools trainer. shes a really nice lady. so told me i need to quit cross country. that really sucks. i love running. she said if i wanted my knees to be healthy to triple jump, long jump and hurdle by the next track and field season... i needed to quit. i havnt called the godfather yet (the godfather is the cross crountry coach... he was the first track/cc coach ever at my school so hes called the godfather of track and field... hes super old but everyone always wins with his program... thats right... he has a program that has been perfected over many many years) but i did call big d. ohh man. coach dave. he understood though because he is my jumping coach for track. he was there all the times i messed up my knees. he has seen the pain ive been in. so he understood. my trainer said that my knee braces for my tendon arnt giving me support... so i hafta go buy new ones made for support and hopefully find one that is big enough that i can fit my tendon braces under them... yet still have them fit good enoguh to give me the support i need.

as for the spanish... i totally suck. ive been trying. but with three years of speaking german... i have no spanish accent... haha. i just cant do it. and i cant roll my tounge for those certain r words that need the roll of the tounge. ohhh well. i am sure that i will do fine. i visited my youth leader because i was worried and he told me at the bible camp i really wont need spanish because these kids have been waiting for us to come for a whole year and have been learning english and are rather excited to speak english with us. he was actually on the phone with one of the kids from his old church in ecuador when i came. so i got to talk to him. in english! it made me feel better about my crappy spanish skills. i have a team ecuador meeting this saturday. we are going to do some hardcore spanish simple phrase stuff. that will help me.
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3rd August 2004

katethoughts5:55pm: change of direction
Okay, so the friends goal seems to be doing well. The violin goal is okay, but I think that I need to set a fixed amount of time to practice, especially now that I'm out of school for a month and have ample time. So I'm setting that on weekdays (i work on weekends and have NO time then), I am committing to at least 1 hour of practice, each weekday. I am hoping to bump that up to 2 hours in a week or two, but for now I'm starting small.

Well. There it is.
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ratchick3:45pm: While I totally sluffed off on my goals in the day-by-day for so long sense, I did probably walk an equal amount anyway. I had some Norwegian friends visiting me last week. Originally, I thought they weren't going to be up for much walking because of their 13 month old baby. However, our definitions of "not walking much" differ. So, we walked from their hotel to EMP/SFM and back, to the public library and back, to the market and back, etc., etc. Add the amount of walking through each place, and I think I've more than doubled my weekly amount of goal-walking in the space of two days!

All of this is to say that I've both missed and more than made my goal for the past week. So there!

2nd August 2004

randomwolfe12:50pm: Checking In....
Well I've certainly done better this week, but I'm not guilt-free. Friday and Sunday I didn't do so good.... which is to say, I got little-to-nothing done.... But Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I did artsy-type stuff for at least two hours each. Doesn't really make up for those other days in my mind, tho.... The way I see it, my goal is to get a substantial amount of work done on a daily basis, not a certain amount of time per week....

So, yeah.... I'm definitely feeling better about my progress, in any case. :) How about the rest of you folks?
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1st August 2004

kalsia11:23am: Reading
Well, my goal for reading more this week didn't go so good. I read for about 10 minutes 1 night (Friday) and that was anticipation for the next nights Ars Magica game. Which was canceled because one of the players (and since there is a total of 3 of us) was out of town. Anyway. Perhaps I am being to strict in sayiing 30 minutes a night minimum .. or perhaps I am being to lax and need to say that I need to sit down between 7 and 7:30 and just do it .. I dunno.

A co-worker is watching this as I type. He says I am being too mean to myself. J. doesn't journal. Has never. Don't think he is interested too much in it.

Oh well, guess we shall see how next week goes.

29th July 2004

prairievole1:31pm: my goal...
my goal, simply put, is to complete a double major in philosophy and psychology.

More aptly, to not go "Oh my God, I have HOW much gen ed left to complete? I'm never going to graduate!" and give up on the second degree in Philosophy out of sheer neurosis.

You see, I'm a junior presently. I have almost everything I need for my psych degree. I just have a couple of courses needed to be able to graduate with honors. If I take six more classes I will have the philosophy degree. I do, however, have 7 gen ed classes plus my foreign language requirement. I have four semesters in which to do it, plus I will probably be able to do summer session next year. So, really if I go for the double major, I'll have 19 classes (everything combined)and 4-5 semesters in which to take them. It's most certainly do-able.

But every so often I panic and go "Ahh! So much gen ed! I gotta get this out of the way, when am I going to fit it in?"

But this double major is something I really want to do. I have so little left to take in Psychology and I love Philosophy, plus the double major looks good to admissions committees in the graduate program of my choice.

So my goal is not to get so worried/pessimistic/frustrated, etc. that I wind up dropping the cool philosophy classes I registered for, for the fall in lieu of considerably more boring but supposedly "practical" gen ed classes...
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28th July 2004

brokenindigo12:35pm: Checking in and updating!
My goal of losing weight for my wedding hasn't changed. My parameters for losing the weight HAS changed, however. My original plan of walking for half an hour and cutting down my junk food has proven to be more problematic than I anticipated. Let me explain-

The junk food has been pretty successful. Every day I've either skipped coffee entirely or had a much smaller portion on days when my head hurt from withdrawal. I've also cut out the afternoon soda almost completely. I figure by the end of the week, I'll have completely weaned myself off of the caffeine and sugar.

The walking has been the problem. I got that first walk in no problem. Then work got crazy again and I found myself at the office all hours of the night. Getting home and nine, still needing to make dinner or whatever else had to be done around the house, it just wasn't working out. Then fate stepped in to give a helping hand.

Saturday morning I helped a friend move almost all of his stuff into storage. In the process of loading the truck, he said that he didn't want his stationary bike anymore. I was MORE than happy to take it off his hands. So now I have a nifty stationary bike in my bedroom, which I have been using regularly since Saturday. It's one of those models where the handles move back and forth like an elliptical machine, so you get the arms and upper body moving along with the legs. I love it.

So I got a half hour done Saturday & Sunday. I took Monday "off" because I didn't to push too hard an hurt myself. Yesterday, unfortunately, my legs locked up because of my disease and I wasn't physically able to use it.

Still, the bike will be a huge help as it frees me to exercise regardless of weather (it's been torrential here in Jersey for the last three days) and time I get home from work.
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