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Weekly Update

Well, I just don't know what to say about this past week.... It started out very well. It ended up very badly. Worked the first half, slacked the last. But it was not without its progress. I'm not doing well in sticking with my hour-a-day commitment, but I'm fairly certain that I'm more enamored with drawing than I've been in a long time..... Roight. New week, new slate.

I will draw an hour a day. I will kick my own significant butt until I do it. If I'm not inspired to draw something, then by golly, I can practice the mechanical end of things, and work on life studies, or anatomy, or perspective, or something else that I more should do than necessarily want to.

As for my little secondary goal, I was only late twice last week. And one of those times being late was because of (interestingly enough) my primary goal.... Yep, I officially got so into artsy stuff that I lost track of time and was late for work. I don't know whether I should be proud of myself or ashamed. Perhaps a little of both. A little ambivalence never hurt anyone. :)

How're the rest of you folks doing?
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