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I am back with new goals

Hehee! I broke a sweat today wearing lycra shorts and a sports bra! I haven't put on lycra since my weight training days!

Basically I have been doing self-improvement type stuff for the past few weeks. Some of you know I am trying to lose between 25 and 35 pounds. I am not exactly sure how much yet, I'll know when I look in the mirror and go WHOOOOWEEEEE!!! My goal is to lose 5-7 pounds a month. That is a healthy pace, and it will put me near my goal BEFORE swimsuit season.

I am starting out very slow. Ever since my foot injury, I have had to be extremely careful with what I do. I have gained about 35 pounds, lost a whole LOT of muscle mass, and flexibility. My cardiovascular system sucks too! :(

My plan is to work on my flexibility first, so I don't hurt myself. Yoga is my main focus. I alternate yoga with ab work and some easy low-impact aerobics. I also go on walks. Once I have regained my flexibility, I will incorporate more challenging aerobic activity and weight training, along with more advanced yoga. Soon, it will be warm enough to start riding my bike again! I am very excited for this. I also hope to take a stab at roller blading. I haven't done that since before I broke my feet (about three years ago). It used to be my all time favorite sport.

Diet is going to be the toughest thing. I never used to have to watch what I ate, because I was so very active all my life. (I was the girl who ate the whole box of hostess cakes while the girls glared and said I must bulimic) I have completely cut out alcohol from my diet for starters, but I haven't really organized a diet plan yet. I honestly think I can lose all the weight I need to without changing much in my diet, but I do want to eat more fruit and veggies.

Should I do the before and after photo thing?
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