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Checking in and updating!

My goal of losing weight for my wedding hasn't changed. My parameters for losing the weight HAS changed, however. My original plan of walking for half an hour and cutting down my junk food has proven to be more problematic than I anticipated. Let me explain-

The junk food has been pretty successful. Every day I've either skipped coffee entirely or had a much smaller portion on days when my head hurt from withdrawal. I've also cut out the afternoon soda almost completely. I figure by the end of the week, I'll have completely weaned myself off of the caffeine and sugar.

The walking has been the problem. I got that first walk in no problem. Then work got crazy again and I found myself at the office all hours of the night. Getting home and nine, still needing to make dinner or whatever else had to be done around the house, it just wasn't working out. Then fate stepped in to give a helping hand.

Saturday morning I helped a friend move almost all of his stuff into storage. In the process of loading the truck, he said that he didn't want his stationary bike anymore. I was MORE than happy to take it off his hands. So now I have a nifty stationary bike in my bedroom, which I have been using regularly since Saturday. It's one of those models where the handles move back and forth like an elliptical machine, so you get the arms and upper body moving along with the legs. I love it.

So I got a half hour done Saturday & Sunday. I took Monday "off" because I didn't to push too hard an hurt myself. Yesterday, unfortunately, my legs locked up because of my disease and I wasn't physically able to use it.

Still, the bike will be a huge help as it frees me to exercise regardless of weather (it's been torrential here in Jersey for the last three days) and time I get home from work.
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