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my goal...

my goal, simply put, is to complete a double major in philosophy and psychology.

More aptly, to not go "Oh my God, I have HOW much gen ed left to complete? I'm never going to graduate!" and give up on the second degree in Philosophy out of sheer neurosis.

You see, I'm a junior presently. I have almost everything I need for my psych degree. I just have a couple of courses needed to be able to graduate with honors. If I take six more classes I will have the philosophy degree. I do, however, have 7 gen ed classes plus my foreign language requirement. I have four semesters in which to do it, plus I will probably be able to do summer session next year. So, really if I go for the double major, I'll have 19 classes (everything combined)and 4-5 semesters in which to take them. It's most certainly do-able.

But every so often I panic and go "Ahh! So much gen ed! I gotta get this out of the way, when am I going to fit it in?"

But this double major is something I really want to do. I have so little left to take in Psychology and I love Philosophy, plus the double major looks good to admissions committees in the graduate program of my choice.

So my goal is not to get so worried/pessimistic/frustrated, etc. that I wind up dropping the cool philosophy classes I registered for, for the fall in lieu of considerably more boring but supposedly "practical" gen ed classes...
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