Kalsia (kalsia) wrote in goal_support,


Well, my goal for reading more this week didn't go so good. I read for about 10 minutes 1 night (Friday) and that was anticipation for the next nights Ars Magica game. Which was canceled because one of the players (and since there is a total of 3 of us) was out of town. Anyway. Perhaps I am being to strict in sayiing 30 minutes a night minimum .. or perhaps I am being to lax and need to say that I need to sit down between 7 and 7:30 and just do it .. I dunno.

A co-worker is watching this as I type. He says I am being too mean to myself. J. doesn't journal. Has never. Don't think he is interested too much in it.

Oh well, guess we shall see how next week goes.
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