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Checking in!

I have realized that my one goal (losing weight for my wedding) is really three goals in one (cutting out my coffee intake, cutting out my junk food intake, working out regularly). It is a bit easier to digest this way, and I feel like I'm doing much better with the three individual goals than I was with the broad brushstroke of "losing weight."

As such... my three points of update!

#1- I've almost completely cut out coffee from my diet. Honestly, at this point I feel that I have. I don't wake up and crave that first cup of coffee. My weakest moment was always going to work... as I'd round the corner to the street I work on, I'd pass "my" Dunkin Donuts and think "Ohhh... coffee!" Those thoughts are gone now. An unexpected bonus- I'm showing up for work early now! HA!

#2 - The junk food is GONE. No donuts, no candy bars, no ice cream... nothing. If I get in that snacking frame of mind, I have water or sometimes I have an orange. Clementine oranges are like little citrus candies from Mother Nature! The unexpected bonus- My supervisor now feels guilty when he sits there and eats his candy bars because he's seen me turning away from them.

#3 - Working out is still the hardest part. I've done what I can to ride my bike, but at best it's only been two or three times a week. I have gotten a lot of walking done lately, just by proxy really. Going to the mall, going to the boardwalk... that sort of thing. Six hours of walking is still six hours of walking, as far as I'm concerned!

My pants have been feeling slightly looser, which is a great feeling. The real noticeable difference is that I can tighten my belt an extra notch. Yee haw!

Tonight I'm going to have Michele take a picture of me. I'm going to use it as my "before" picture. A few days before the wedding (which is on October 1st... only a month and a half left!) I'm going to have her take the "after" picture.

I would like to say that I love this community and the people in it. This whole idea is really wonderful and I can say for sure that it has helped me with my goals. I look at my stationary bike and think "I don't want to check in and say that I haven't worked out." It's been that little extra fire under my butt.

Thank you all so much!
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