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Making dreams happen...

...one day at a time.

Got dreams, goals, plans? This is the place!
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What's your goal? Exercise more often? Change careers? Be nicer to your spouse? Lose weight? Perform a random act of kindness every day? Write a chapter per week of that novel you've been meaning to work on? Keep the house clean? Keep up with your homework? Watch less t.v.? Save up for something special? Learn to dance? Work up the courage to talk to that some one special you've been wanting to meet? Improve your diet? Walk your dog everyday?

Start by posting your goal here first. Then check in, posting as often as you like (at least once per week, but more often is encouraged!) and let us know how you're doing with that goal. Sometimes having an audience or support group to report back to and hold you accountable helps us stick with it. Accountability is a powerful motivator! And when other post updated feel free to post comments including words of encouragement or suggestions.

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