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Hi, my name is Casey; below are my goals.

1. Train in Kung-fu AT LEAST an hour every day

2. Jog 5/6 days a week for at least half an hour

3. Incorporate weight lifting into my exercise regime.

4. Be nicer to my mother.

5. Join the volleyball team or the tennis team

6. Read more
Those are short-term.

Here are my long-term

1. Compete in fitness competitions

2. Learn to do tricks on a skateboard

3. Get the gold in my next sparring competition (I got the silver in one of the events I signed up for..I signed up for hand to fist sparring, short weapon sparring and long weapon sparring)

4. Become a fitness model

5. Teach aerobics

6. Learn to snowboard

7. Gain enough knowledge to be experienced in robotics

8. Learn about the mechanical engineering of cars and motorcycles, so that I can be efficient in autorepair.
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