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Been awhile....

Okay, so I haven't checked in in a few weeks.... Well, I know I'm not alone in this....

Truth be told, I have been AWFUL about my goals.... Barely any artsy-type stuff done, and I saunter into work whenever I damn well please. I personally think that these failings are more a result of my not keeping myself updated on here than vice versa..... It seems every week I post here, and swear up and down that I will be good this week, I am. But recently I haven't, so I'm not.

Okay, that made little sense.... Gimme a break, it's 4am here....

Anyways.... I'm just here to say that I WILL be good this upcoming week. I will draw (or otherwise do something artsy) for at least an hour every day for this coming week. It will happen. I will make it happen. I have control over my own impulses. Dammit.
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