Nikodaemis (randomwolfe) wrote in goal_support,

Oop! Weekly Update, Day Late.

Well.... I certainly seem to be developing a cycle.... Good one week, bad one week, good week, bad week.... So this past week, I was bad..... Not as bad as a couple weeks ago..... I think Tuesday and Wednesday I did good (Tuesday, above and beyond a bit), but the rest of the week.....

So, I rationalize to myself, it was kind of a vacation..... Time off from work, visiting people, checking out a concert.... Also, my brother came into town, and he's staying with us till Wednesday morning, so gotta have time for him..... Not much time for drawing. How much of this is viable, and how much is me making up stupid excuses to make myself feel better about falling short again?

Any case, I have a secondary goal in mind I'd like to work on..... I should be on time for work..... It's really bad, because it seems almost every day, I am 15 minutes late for work.... The thing is, no one cares, because I'm second shift, so everything is quite under control before I get there.... It's actually a bit of a joke.... When I arrive on time, people laugh and say how I'm early.... Thing is, tho, I don't want this job the rest of my life, and I don't want to go on thinking that I can be late for any job.... I want to break myself of this habit.... It's just not kosher....

But yeah. That's me for the week.
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